CFDs for Professionals

CFDs Professional

Due to its flexibility and scope, CFD trading is a natural choice for professional traders. Hantec Markets fully customisable MT4 platform offers professional traders full access to real time trading with 100% automated execution, comprehensive market data and analysis, plus a fully customisable screen to display exactly the data you need.

CFD Specifications CFD Expiry Dates


CFDs Professional


Futures CFDs have their expiry date shown in the pop-up message of the contract on the trading platform as well as in the CFD expiration calendar on Hantec Markets’ website. Hantec Markets CFDs will expire one day prior to the Exchange listed dates.
Prior to the scheduled expiration Hantec Markets will inform clients by email of the contracts due to expire specifying the date and times of their expiration.


On the expiry time the contract due to expire will be set to ‘View only’ mode. All open positions for expired contracts shall be closed by Hantec Markets as per the last market prices of the trading session (bid price for long positions and ask price for short positions). All pending orders will be obsolete, therefore should you wish to recreate these, please make sure to reopen them on the next available month.


Should you wish to remain in a position post expiry you are advised to close the position of the expiry month and open a position in the next available month and remember to adjust any stop and take profit orders accordingly.


On the expiry date, the liquidity may be lower than usual and the volatility higher. This increases the probability of price gaps. Pay extra attention to open positions with contracts due to expire in the 2-3 days leading up to the expiry and make sure you carefully calculate the potential risk on transactions.


You can find all the expiration dates and times of our futures CFDs on Hantec Markets’ website. In case of differences between the information on our website and other sources, the information on the website shall always prevail. Please make sure you regularly consult Hantec Markets’ website to stay up-to-date on expiry dates.