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Nachrichten und Pressemitteilungen

Nachrichten und Pressemitteilungen

Markets still struggling for conviction despite slight dollar weakness May 22nd, 2015
The markets have taken on a mixed outlook in the wake of the FOMC minutes on Wednesday. There has been an element of uncertain consolidation which has stopped the dollar recovery in its tracks and given financial markets far more of a range...
Markets in consolidation mode after FOMC minutes reveal little May 21st, 2015
The strength of the dollar in the past few days has had a sizable impact and is changing the outlook on several key markets. However, there has been a muted reaction to the meeting minutes from the Federal Reserve. The breaks ...Read More ...
Euro selling pressure continues, signalling a change in medium term outlook May 20th, 2015
There has been a significant change in market tack in the past 24 hours. A whole string of factors have contrived to turn the market back towards the dollar with the euro under significant pressure. The dovish comments from the...Read More ...
Euro may need favourable economic data to prevent correction from continuing May 19th, 2015
There are mixed signals on Greece which are causing market fluctuations currently. Although Greek Prime Minister Tsipras appears confident that a deal could be close, other European sources appear to contradict this view, whilst there are a...
US economic data and sovereign bond yields to continue to drive markets this week May 18th, 2015
If the US data continues like this, the Fed will find it difficult to tighten monetary policy this year, let alone in the summer. According to Fed Funds futures, the CME Group Fed Watch now suggests a 0% chance of a June rate hike. This com...
Trading is cautious as falling Treasury yields support the dollar May 18th, 2015
With US data continuing to disappoint, the expectations for Fed rate tightening are being pushed back. This is beginning to see a negative drift on Treasury yields which is resulting in support for the US dollar with Wall Street able to dra...
Settling bond yields giving the dollar some respite from the sellers May 15th, 2015
With US Treasury yields calming down their recent rise yesterday (on the back of a further decline in the US Producer Price Index), equities markets were able to regain some upside initiative once more. This seems to now be the theme of tra...
US dollar continues to be sold off as bond yields pull higher May 14th, 2015
Financial markets continue to be pulled around by movements in the bond markets. Yields moving back higher into the close on Treasuries yesterday push selling pressure into equities and the US dollar is also under selling pressure once more...
Sterling volatility starting to build as UK goes to the polls May 7th, 2015
There are significant questions that are being asked of the dollar bulls now as the Dollar Index continues to fall away and major pairs such as EUR/USD have broken out. The concern is that the US...Read More ...
US dollar coming under pressure again amid faltering economic data May 6th, 2015
A sharp deterioration in the US trade deficit spooked investors in the US yesterday that the strong dollar was beginning to have a significant impact on the US economy and that the disappointing GDP print for...Read More ...
Mixed outlook on markets as traders begin to position for FOMC April 28th, 2015
Markets are becoming increasingly cautious as the key FOMC meeting begins to dominate the thoughts of traders. It is notable this time around though that in the past few trading sessions as we...Read More ...
Quiet start to the week as traders seem to be eyeing the Fed already April 27th, 2015
There are a number of conflicting factors at play in financial markets at the moment which means that decision making is becoming increasingly tough. Greece as yet remains unable to...Read More ...
Sentiment turns weaker after disappointing Chinese flash PMI April 23rd, 2015
There is an uncertain feel to financial markets at the moment. Earnings season in the US has failed to ignite the bulls on Wall Street, where despite a string of positive corporate numbers and a nice beat of ...Read More ...
Dollar bulls failing to get traction with Greece at the forefront April 22nd, 2015
The euro was boosted yesterday afternoon as news began to filter through that the talks between Greece and the Eurozone were working through the proposals, although deal...Read More ...
Dollar bulls beginning to regain some positive traction once again April 21st, 2015
It almost seems as though there is a different driving factor for the markets every day at the moment, and yesterday was the turn of China. So what will it be today then? Well, the standoff with Greece and...Read More ...
Sentiment improves amid further easing measures from China April 20th, 2015
Markets come into the new week with mixed messages. The selling pressure that signed off last week has abated slightly and there is an element of support. The negative impact of new...Read More ...
Can US inflation re-ignite a creaking dollar bull run? April 17th, 2015
There is a mixed outlook across financial markets as we approach the key US data release of an interesting week. The general theme of weaker US data throughout this...Read More ...
Volatility on the data continues as the dollar comes under pressure April 16th, 2015
Financial markets have been digesting the strong gains in the oil price in the past couple of days. The move has pushed WTI oil to its highest level of the year and begs a couple of ...Read More ...
Mixed sentiment as traders look ahead to the ECB and more US data April 15th, 2015
I still see the economic data as extremely important for the direction of the dollar and yesterday’s reaction to the weaker than expected Retail Sales was this case in point. A sharp move against the dollar...Read More ...
US Retail Sales watched as tier one data could be the catalyst for some key breaks today April 14th, 2015
With a lack of any significant economic data yesterday, the markets were fairly quiet. However it may have just been the calm before the storm as there is a significant amount of tier one economic data in the coming...Read More ...
Dollar bulls gathering strength once more as China trade data disappoints April 13th, 2015
It would still appear as though any back data out of China is able to drive expectation of further monetary stimulus which then supports markets, but for how long this will be the case remains to be seen. A very weak set of trade data with....
US dollar looks to consolidate the gains on a quiet end to the week April 10th, 2015
Since the FOMC minutes were released on Wednesday, what had been a consolidation is turning back into a trend of dollar strength once more. There have been some key breaks on major forex..Read More ...
Dollar bulls gaining traction once more from the slightly hawkish FOMC minutes April 9th, 2015
This week has been spent with forex markets consolidating in anticipation of the key event which were the Fed meeting minutes...Read More ...
Forex trading becoming increasingly rangebound as markets consolidate April 8th, 2015
The outlook across the currency markets has become increasingly one of consolidation. The data dependent trading since the FOMC decision is neutralising many pairs in forex trading and it is difficult to...Read More ...
Markets still looking to settle down after surprise miss on Non-farm Payrolls April 7th, 2015
The market is still looking to settle in the wake of a weaker than expected Non-farm Payrolls report (126,000 jobs versus an expectation of 245,000) which put downside pressure back on the dollar. US markets are still...Read More ...
Weaker US data has put the dollar bulls under pressure once more April 2nd, 2015
The dollar certainly had a significant wobble yesterday after the weaker than expected readings on the ADP employment report and also a fifth straight...Read More ...
Forex majors consolidating ahead of crucial PMI data April 1st, 2015
Market sentiment is under pressure once more as the list of reforms submitted by Greece has been dismissed as little more than ideas rather than a definitive plan. This comes as talks over...Read More ...
A slow strangling of dollar strength is returning as the flow of data continues March 31st, 2015
It was an interesting session yesterday, where market sentiment was positive on the back of talk of further stimulus in Asia and then the US session took positive data (improving Personal Consumption...Read More ...
Dollar bulls looking to gain control ahead of huge data releases this week March 30th, 2015
The market sentiment is a touch missed going into what could be a crucial week of economic data. Several days of selling pressure were halted on Friday as Janet Yellen made comments that seemed to...Read More ...
A decline in risk appetite sees a shift into safer haven plays return March 26th, 2015
There was a real sense of concern that took over Wall Street last night that has driven a flight into safer haven plays. As the durable goods orders disappointed there is a fear is that the strength of the dollar will...Read More ...
Nachrichten und Pressemitteilungen

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