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06/02/2014: Analysis of the average daily pip range on EUR/USD

The average daily pip range on Euro/Dollar continues to fall

Since 2009 the average number of pips that Euro/Dollar has traded between the high and the low on a daily basis has fallen fairly consistently:

  • 170 pips in 2009
  • 152 pips in 2010
  • 159 pips in 2011
  • 108 pips in 2012
  • 98 pips in 2013

So, for the current year to date, the average pip range on Euro/Dollar is now just 75 pips.

The data for February and March in each of those years shows a similarly consistent decline:

            Average pip range low to high
Year February March
2009 207 218
2010 145 145
2011 133 127
2012 125 112
2013 124 111
2014 73  57 (after 3 days)

The table shows that February and March have very similar for pip ranges in the past 5 years, with March, if anything a little bit lower than February. The daily pip range for February 2014 was 73. After just 3 days of March this average daily pip range is even lower at 57!

This suggests that the way things have started in 2014, Euro/Dollar continues to become less volatile from the perspective of its average daily trading range.

Day traders on Euro/Dollar take note.

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