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Central banks take the focus with eyes on the Fed

Central banks will take the focus of attention for traders in the coming days with announcements expected from three of the major countries, including the Fed. Of course the Federal Reserve (on Wednesday) will take the bulk of the attention but this is not a meeting that contains any FOMC forecasts on growth or inflation and also there will be no press conference. Is it possible therefore that we could we see more action (and therefore reaction) to the announcements from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (also coming late on Wednesday evening)  and the Bank of Japan (early on Thursday morning). We consider what the markets are looking out for from these and what could be the market moving factors that should be watched? However, what are the other key data releases that could move markets in the coming days.

It was a choppy end to the week on the pairs of the forex majors, however the dollar was not really the key driver. Significant moves seen on the likes of the Japanese yen, the Canadian Loonie and also on Sterling were seen but what are the catalysts and can they continue? We take a technical analysis view of the Euro./Dollar and Dollar/Yen charts. Equities are showing signs of a near term correction and with several key US corporates announcing this week, earnings season is in focus. What is the current outlook? There is also a technical analysis of key indices the German DAX and the FTSE 100. We finally focus on commodities and bonds. The shift in outlook across the precious metals has been very interesting with a huge decline in the Gold/Silver ratio. We look at the outlook for gold and silver whilst also taking a look at some key moves on the yields of 10 year government debt. We end with a technical analysis of gold and Brent Crude oil.

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