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How the commodities rout is impacting forex market sentiment and equities panic

The concerns of traders around the world over the slowdown in China and the impending declines on commodity prices are driving panic through equity markets and driving a significant shift in foreign exchange trades. The Weekly Outlook explains the latest developments in these key markets and how traders could react this week. Is there anything in the economic calendar that can help to distract trades from the selling pressure, or could it be that the US data is just ready to make things worse?

There seems to be some shifting sands in forex markets and the impact is being seen on the dollar. Traders seem to be taking a view that a September rate hike for the Federal Reserve is increasingly unlikely and there now needs to be a significant re-pricing of expectations. This is impacting across the forex majors which have seen big moves on the charts in recent days.

The report looks at the technical analysis of the moves and what the key levels to watch for are in the coming days. The moves seen across equity markets are almost getting to a level of panic-driven selling now. Key supports are being blown out of the water and the big question that traders will now be asking themselves is how long this rout on equity markets can go on for. The report looks into whether the buyers will be ready to support the declines. Is this a time to catch a falling knife or is it better to stand on the sidelines?

How are the commodity and bond markets reacting during these testing times? Is there anything in the charts to suggest we may be close to a low, or is there some way still to go as the selling pressure continues?

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