Currenex Viking: Robust, scalable currency trading

Currenex has long enjoyed a reputation as the currency trading platform of choice amongst institutional traders. But now the trading landscape is transforming. Even if you’re just starting out or looking to trade at a lower level, Currenex Viking is geared up to deliver exactly what you require and more with trade volume as low as 10’000.

Robust, scalable currency trading with millisecond order execution

There’s a whole host of advantages to Currenex’s feature-rich platform, designed to make Forex trading powerful yet simple. They include a graphic rich display of currency rates, fully integrated news and resources, plus transaction history, communication tools, position and account reporting – all available on-screen. Add to that unprecedented order management, convenient visual access and the ability to modify or cancel pending orders easily and you have the ideal platform for the currency trader who demands more.

Customise your platform for faster, simpler Forex currency

Trading This specialist Forex software is easy to customise to your personal preferences. You can set it up so you only see what you need, for efficient trade management. That means faster decisions, more trading opportunities and just the right market research and technical analysis to support your currency trading strategy.

Open a free Currenex Viking account

OPEN A free currenex viking demo account

Choose Currenex Viking for:

  • Access to deep FX liquidity
    through our large network
    of banks
  • Automatic execution on live,
    streaming prime broker
    bank prices
  • No pre-transaction
    requests for quote
  • Trading of 28 currency
    pairs on interbank prices
  • API connectivity
  • Transparent commission
    without mark-ups
  • PAMM available for
    Asset Managers
  • User defined One-click
  • Stop, Limit, OCO, IFD and
    Trailing stop orders available
  • Ease of installation
    via en EXE file