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Discussing the DAX, Gold and Dollar/Yen on TipTV

You will find below a video of my latest appearance on TipTV where I was interviewed as usual by the great hosts that they have, Zak Mir and Bill Hubard. My topics that I wanted to talk about encompassed a broad look across asset classes with the DAX, Gold and Dollar/Yen.

As ever the discussion went a little off-piste at times and turned a bit more general (even dipping very briefly into bitcoin thanks to Bill – very much not my speciality). However, the general theme was that I felt that the DAX remains under pressure and the technical indicators are still pointing towards further losses. Certainly the Volkswagen situation over their emissions misdemeanors will continue to weigh on the market. I continue to see gold as a sell into strength (strength which I notice has pushed through resistance this afternoon). However I believe that there will be another key reaction high in the resistance band $1140/$1170, so I am on the lookout now. As for Dollar/Yen, the outlook remains rangebound and I see little chance of this changing any time soon.

I hope that you find the video interesting.


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