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HantecFIX makes use of FIX protocol to allow the exchange of information between client, broker and liquidity providers. This allows for uninterrupted access directly to inter-bank pricing, reducing execution speeds and bypassing the normal interfaces to allow for unmatched customisation.

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Hantec Markets’ FIX API enables you to use bespoke front-end solutions to take advantage of our pricing and execution technologies.

A Quick Overview

FIX stands for Financial Information Exchange and it is a protocol used in the field of finance as a method for different systems to communicate with each other.

The Point

FIX API is a set of instructions and commands that can be used by the traders to access the FX liquidity pools and enables them to perform different types of high-speed trading.

Target Users

Hantec’s FIX API is targeted at professional traders who have the necessary programming expertise and a specific trading requirement.

Traders with Programming Skills

Professional traders who have experienced programming knowledge of C++, .Net, Java, HTTP, etc. are those most likely to benefit.


Some of the key benefits of using FIX API are:


Provides high-speed connectivity – Without MT4 or other platforms in the middle, you have direct exchange access.

Deep Pool Liquidity

Access to over 71 different LPs using our aggregation technology.

Direct Exchange Connection

Your connections are directly plugged into our NY4 and LD4 Equinix datacenters. You are next to our Tier1 banks and liquidity providers who are clearing your orders.

OCO Trading

Excellent platform for placing OCO orders which is not possible on many retail trading platforms.

Professional Traders

Highly beneficial to professional traders. Customisation : Since protocol has to necessarily be written in a coding language, users could customise API to suit their needs.

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