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As a company we believe in transparency and that is why we have compiled some data regarding the Lucky 8 FX Trader of the Year competition, to give you some insight into how you and other participants performed.

Our influential Market Analyst, Richard Perry, has incorporated a few comments with regards to the trades and the markets at the time.

Hantec Markets has created an infographic that you can view by clicking the below image.

Lucky 8 FX trader of the year infographic

Scroll down to see who the winners are and what are their secrets when trading!

Dear Traders,

After 4 weeks of intense trading it is time to end the competition and to thank all participants of this year’s Lucky 8 – FX Trader of the Year!

We are happy to have spotted such talented traders who have been awarded with Hantec Markets Live Accounts and eFXplus subscriptions.

Until next year’s edition, good luck in your trading!

As you may know, this year we decided to amend the rules, allowing you access to better prizes and to participate in a more interactive contest.

In line with the rules of the competition, we would like to remind you that your account will be reset after market close, at 22:00 BST on each Friday during the competition, and your trading history will be deleted.

We encourage you to read the T&Cs for useful information and details.

Just to recap what you can win:

Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3
1st Prize
 – $1,500 live trading account with Hantec Markets
2nd Prize – $500 live trading account with Hantec Markets

Final – Week 4
1st Prize –
 $4,000 live trading account with Hantec Markets
2nd Prize – $2,000 live trading account with Hantec Markets

Should you have any questions or would like to discuss this competition further, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or give us a call on +44 020 7036 0850.

Scroll down to see who the winners are!

Winners Week 1 - Lucky 8 FX Trader of the Year

We are happy to announce the first two winners for Week 1 of the competition!

First place winnerAbrahamOwusu, used a sharp trading strategy combined with strong trading skills and came first with a winning equity of $87,965.4.

Runner UpZviad Kajaia, had a final winning equity was $69,686.42.

We wish all traders good luck for Week 2 of the Lucky 8 FX Trader of the Year competition!

Winners Week 2 - Lucky 8 FX Trader of the Year

Let’s see who are the second week’s winners:

First place winner – Anouarkasri is situated in first place in this week’s contest proving that a consistent strategy is the key to success amassing a winning equity of $165,690.89

Runner up – DmitriyKhoroltsev, has also shown us impressive trading techniques  – $97,010.21 winning equity.

We wish all traders good luck for Week 3 of the Lucky 8 FX Trader of the Year competition!

Winners Week 3 - Lucky 8 FX Trader of the Year

There is no secret in knowing who the lucky winners are for the third week:

First place winnerwoeijingtee has reminded us that thorough research is the backbone of a successful strategy helping place him ahead of all other participants with a winning equity of $50,028.07
Runner up – AzubuikeUrmalion, was very close behind woeijingtee, situating himself in second place with – $43,329.5 winning equity

We wish all traders good luck for the last challenge of the Lucky 8 FX Trader of the Year competition in Week 4!

Winners Week 4 - Lucky 8 FX Trader of the Year

We would like to present you the 2 knowledgeable winners of week 4, the most exciting part of the contest!

 First place winner – pargo is the lucky winner of our $4,000 live trading account and has assured his place with an impressive equity of $58,549.98.

Runner up – baoxin has also shown great trading techniques, making the last battle a very close one, as his winning equity was $58,321.32.

 Congratulations to both of them and to all participants!

Find out what trading strategies our winners used!

Each trader has its own techniques and strategies and some of our Lucky 8 FX Trader of the Year contest winners have agreed to reveal theirs:

  • Hantec Markets: How did you achieve your trading result?

AbrahamOwusu: I achieved my trading result by being patient and waiting for the right set-ups, sticking to my strategy and applying good money management.

Zviad Kajaia: Following trading signals with maximum risk.

Anouarkasri: Hard work

DmitriyKhoroltsev: In order to achieve the result I opened the maximum amount of positions, that is used the maximum risk. I traded on the levels and my view of the direction of the market.

pargo: Well, I always participate in demo contests, and I enter with the mentality of a winner, and thank God, I won!

baoxin: Luck played a big part this time but also the right analysis and a strict discipline.

  • Hantec Markets: What trading strategy did you adopt? How many trades did you place and which were your best and your worst trades?

AbrahamOwusu: I basically applied a retracement strategy by considering strong supports and resistance. I also used the Fibonacci Retracement tool to allow me to accurately predict the price levels, where the reversals were likely to occur and I then placed my limit orders accordingly. By placing slightly over 50 trades, my best trade was GBPJPY (Sell) and my worse Silver (Buy.)

Zviad Kajaia: The strategy is trend following and reversal point finding. not too many trades as I remember.

Anouarkasri: I use Fibonacci in my trading. Best and worst trade with USD/ZAR

DmitriyKhoroltsev: Since the contest was held a week is quite short and the competition used intraday trading on the levels of support-resistance.

pargo: I depend on support and resistance, and trend line. I also follow the news, it’s that simple. My best trade was in the last moments in the contest when I entered short with USD/ZAR.

baoxin: Being patient and waiting for the right opportunity, after that you need to set stop loss. I did a lot of trades in the last week and especially the weekend. I was getting impatient so I lost a few trades. Luckily I was still able to cling onto the 2nd prize.

  • Hantec Markets: What are your favourite instruments to trade?

AbrahamOwusu: My favourite instruments are currencies ( Spot Forex). I mostly prefer the EUR and GBP crosses.

Zviad Kajaia: EURUSD and GBPUSD

Anouarkasri: USD/ZAR

DmitriyKhoroltsev: My favorite instrument occupies the EUR / USD and other majors.

pargo: As long as it’s a contest, I chose the instrument with a high volatility – USD/ZAR.

baoxin: Spot gold, much more volatility in gold.

  • Hantec Markets: Have you enjoyed the contest? How much time did you spend trading during the contest?

AbrahamOwusu: I really did enjoy the contest; the thrill and fun is unparalleled.  I spent a couple of hours a day during the contest.

Zviad Kajaia: Yes I’ve enjoyed it. I traded until the end.

Anouarkasri: It’s a very good contest and I trade each time it’s running.

DmitriyKhoroltsev: The competition was exciting. The day devoted tracking the market is about 10-12 hours.

pargo: Of course I’ve enjoyed the contest, it was a great experience for me.

baoxin: Yes, very much! But I think 1st week is too short because when the time is as short as week 1, luck and gambling plays a big part. I spent more than 10 hours watching my trades every day in the last week.

  • Hantec Markets: Have you participated in other FX trading contests before?

AbrahamOwusu: Yes I have; I participated in Hantec demo contest in the last 2 years.

Zviad Kajaia: Yes, I have participated in other fx contests many times.

Anouarkasri: Yes, I have won many contests before.

DmitriyKhoroltsev: I participated in many competitions, sometimes I took prizes.

pargo: Yes, many times.

baoxin: Yes

  • Hantec Markets: You have won a live Hantec Markets trading account. Have you ever traded a live trading account before? 

AbrahamOwusu: Yes I have traded a live account before.

Zviad Kajaia: Yes I have traded live accounts.

Anouarkasri: I have been trading markets for the past 7 years and had live accounts.

DmitriyKhoroltsev: Yes, I am currently trading on a real accounts with several brokers.

pargo: Yes I have traded a live account, and I still do.

baoxin: Yes, but very badly.

  • Hantec Markets: Do you think you will trade your live trading account the same way you have traded your demo contest account or will you be taking less risk?

AbrahamOwusu: I will definitely trade my live account the same way as I did the demo contest since I’ll be applying the same strategy. The only difference will be the fact that I will take less risks.

Zviad Kajaia: Sometimes I accept maximum risk on live account if I see a good trading signal, but it is impossible to trade live and demo accounts the same way.

Anouarkasri: I take risk when trading with my live account too this is why I lose money in forex.

DmitriyKhoroltsev: On a real account will be completely different trade than competitive. It is much less risk and profitability. There will also be a smaller number of transactions.

pargo: No, I will be taking less risk with a strict money management, because it’s the secret of success in forex market.

baoxin: Definitely not! When you trade on a demo, you are more like a gambler but you need discipline on live account otherwise you will be punished!