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Moscow Forex Expo – A great event in a great city!

I’m back from presenting at the Forex Expo in Moscow, which I found to be an incredibly enjoyable experience. From our point of view, the event was a great success. The expo itself was very well organised and we got to meet lots of traders who were extremely keen to discuss a whole raft of different aspects of forex trading.

My seminar presentation was well attended and it was great to see how passionate Russian forex traders can be. I was happy to see that my presentation created much debate amongst the audience over the merits and demerits of my analysis techniques. After all, that’s what makes a market! I do though certainly have to thank Natalya, my translator, for explaining peoples’ points of view. I realised the interst people had as after my presentation had finished, I then got into a deep debate with a few English speaking Russian traders discussing all manner of impacts on today’s financial markets.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how popular the Hantec Markets pitch was at the show. Artjom, our Russian speaking salesman, was rushed off his feet for two days and I was happy to see many of the faces at my presentation speaking at length with our sales team afterwards. It would appear that ever since the Russian government introduced a forex trading cap in leverage of 50 times in late 2014, the attraction of London listed brokers has dramatically increased.

Here are a few pictures of our trip. I look forward to seeing Moscow again soon.


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