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New Webinar: Tuesday 1st September at 1500BST

Hi everyone.

I am currently working on a new webinar series that will be brought to you in the Autumn, however in the meantime, next week on Tuesday 1st September at 1500BST I will be holding a one-off webinar called “Technical Analysis: The Law Of Multiple Confirmation”. You can sign up to be a part clicking HERE


In this webinar I will explain how I use technical analysis to formulate my views on the markets. I wanted to discuss the various techniques and different indicators that I employ on a daily basis to how I decide upon my trades. Having previously talked at length about individual indicators, I wanted to pull this all together and discuss what I effectively see as a trading checklist. False signals are rife on technical analysis charts and this is why I believe in what I refer to as “The Law of Multiple Confirmation”.

As part of this webinar I will also do a live market analysis in an attempt to find some clarity across a series of markets that have recently been impacted by huge volatility. As usual, I like to see this as an open discussion for the webinar participants. I always find the best webinars that I host are the ones where we can all have an active debate on the markets. So if you have got anything that you are looking at that you would like my views on please do not hesitate to ask.

Many thanks and I look forward to our discussion next week.



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