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Talking EUR/USD, USD/JPY and Gold on TipTV

I had my latest interview with TipTV this morning. As ever, it was an enjoyable discussion. Unfortunately one of the regular hosts, Bill Hubard, was not on today, but he was ably replaced by Tim Price, whilst the ever present Zak Mir was there to guide proceeding.  The focus of my interview for today was the slowdown in the US economic data and also the technical analysis of EUR/USD, USD/JPY and gold.

It is my belief that the slowdown in US economic data will put added pressure on the Fed to hold back from a rate hike, which means it is increasingly possible this could now push it into 2016. The subsequent impact is negative for the US dollar and this is being reflected in the charts of the euro, yen and also gold.

Below is a video of my interview which I hope that you find interesting.

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