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Talking on Tip TV about the Fed, Aussie, Gold & DAX

I took part in another interview for Tip TV this morning. Hosted once again by Zak Mir and Bill Hubard, we had lots to talk about in the wake of the FOMC decision yesterday. Markets have seen some significant moves in the wake of the decision by the Fed to remove the international concerns from the statement and talk explicitly about the potential for a rate hike at the next meting (which is 15th/16th December. However questions still remain over the potential for a rate hike. After mulling over the Fed, our discussion then turned to a bit of technical analysis on the Aussie, Gold and the DAX.  

As eve there has been a significant fallout from the Fed decision, but with the prospect of the Reserve Bank of Australia next week there could be some key moves for AUD/USD coming up. The Gold price has been thrown around following the Fed and I try to make sense of the outlook. Finally, the German DAX is always an interesting chart and one which remains a favourite of mine purely due to the Fibonacci levels.

You will find below a video of my interview. I hope that you find it interesting.



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