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Talking Volatility, the US dollar and Oil on TipTV

Hi everyone

Below is a video of my appearance on TipTV earlier today focusing on volatility, the US dollar and also the oil price. As ever, I found it to be an entertaining chat with the hosts Zak Mir and Bill Hubard. I really enjoy my interviews on TipTV and even managed to get Zak somewhat animated today (I’m not sure whether that was good for me or not…). I really feel that they engage and open out the debate well, which makes for better viewing in my opinion.

We had a good discussion about the drivers of market volatility, with the usual suspects being China, the US and also the oil price; whilst I talk through the index volatility charts including the VIX.  We moved on to how the US dollar is performing amidst the current market turmoil and then tear into the likelihood of a Fed rate hike in September before finally taking a stab at the chart of WTI Oil.

I hope that you find it interesting.

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