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With oil sliding are we set up for another sell-off this week?

So we wave goodbye to the first quarter of the year (that has gone unbelievably quickly…). However, as the oil price begins to slide again, are we set up for another drastic market sell-off just as we did in the opening weeks of the year? There seems to be enough in place now to prevent a repeat, but this does not mean to say that volatility will not be a feature. Oil has been a major driver of market sentiment throughout the first quarter of the year, and this is likely to continue. What are traders looking out for in this week? It seems as though once more the Federal Reserve and the path of its interest rate hikes is set to dominate, but what else is on the economic calendar to keep a watchful eye on?

Once more we are seeing some interesting moves on forex markets, but what are the driving factors this time and how are they impacting? We also undertake a technical analysis appraisal of Euro/Dollar and Dollar/Yen looking at what the key levels to keep aware of in the coming week.

The major equity markets are moving in different directions for now, we look at some of the reasons behind the moves. Earnings season in the US can be crucial for the direction of equity markets. What is the outlook as the first few companies get set to report results this week? We take a closer look at the technical developments on the German DAX Xetra and the S&P 500 index.

The oil price has been such a key factor in moving prices across asset classes in recent weeks, so what is the outlook as we begin trading in the second quarter of the year? We finish with a technical analysis of the crucial gold and Brent Crude markets.

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